Meet Our Team

We do not sell items, we sell our time to help you reach your RS goals. We are a team of gaming pros. Say hello! - send us a message us on discord.

From fighting bosses, leveling skills, doing events, mini-games, building your pure or main and so much more! 

Is this safe? 
Yes! We only sell our time to help provide for our families. We've played the game for over 3 years and have helped hundreds. We don't sell any in game items. 

How does this work? 
Depends on what you want to accomplish, we have different pricing for different skills. Each skill takes a different amount of time to level up. (Example: the difference between leveling slayer and strength to 99, is HUGE.) 

Can we talk? 

Yes! We would love to say hello, join our discord and send us a message using "@GamePros". You can also message online by using the Contact Us button on the top menu. 

This is how our team puts food on the table, so help us pay for our families by letting us grind for you. 

Want your next level 99 ? no problem. Send us a message to get started.

Real People. Real Gaming. Let's Talk


Meet Josh, 
I started this type of business 3 years ago due to the situation in my country, having little success i decided to create a team of capable people in online games like a method of help for their families, along with my knowledge in Runescape,
I taught my team everything necessary to provide a quality and trustworthy service, It is an honor to be of good service to you.

Meet Angel,
My name is Angel, I am passionate about video games and technologies,
constant gamer of mmorpg and mobas games, I started in this work since Runescape is one of the pioneers of the mmorpg genre and the first mmorpg of many of us, I hope to be very helpful and integral part of this team.
Meet Ricardo,
As someone who likes rpg video games and online games, the
thrill of leveling up and unlocking new content as I play, It is something very interesting for me. Being a person with some free time, this work caught my attention and I approached the team And since I already have experience in grinding I felt that it would be a good job for me.
Meet Raymond,
I am a 20 years old and practically when I was born - I entered the world of gaming, Being a fan of Fighting Games and Mmorpg, I fell in love with Runescape when playing it, my passion for video games It makes me want to share it and help whoever needs it to be a champion!